How To Approve A 400kva Transformer From Lesco

Approving a 400kVA transformer from LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) involves a series of steps and considerations. Here’s a general guide on how you might approach this process:

  1. Contact LESCO:
    • Reach out to LESCO’s relevant department or personnel responsible for transformer approvals. This could be the engineering or technical department.
  2. Provide Necessary Documentation:
    • Prepare and submit all required documentation. This may include:
      • Transformer specifications and technical details.
      • Manufacturer’s data sheets.
      • Test reports and certificates.
      • Compliance documents with relevant standards and regulations.
  3. Conformity with Standards:
    • Ensure that the transformer meets the required standards set by relevant authorities. In the case of Pakistan, this may include compliance with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) standards and other applicable regulations.
  4. Site Inspection:
    • Allow LESCO officials to conduct a site inspection to verify that the installation conditions are suitable for the transformer. This may involve checking the site for proper foundations, clearances, and safety measures.
  5. Transformer Testing:
    • The transformer may need to undergo various tests to ensure its performance and reliability. These tests may include:
      • Routine tests (conducted by the manufacturer).
      • Type tests (performed on a sample unit).
      • Acceptance tests (performed on-site).
  6. Environmental and Safety Compliance:
    • Ensure that the transformer complies with environmental and safety regulations. This may include features such as oil containment systems and protection against short circuits.
  7. Approval Process:
    • Await the approval process from LESCO. This may involve a review of the submitted documentation, test results, and site inspection reports.
  8. Addressing Concerns:
    • If LESCO raises any concerns or issues during the approval process, work with them to address and resolve these matters promptly.
  9. Final Approval and Installation:
    • Once the transformer receives approval, proceed with its installation according to the guidelines provided by LESCO.
  10. Documentation and Compliance Certificates:
    • Obtain all necessary documentation and compliance certificates from LESCO, indicating that the transformer has been approved for use.
  11. Commissioning:

Always consult directly with LESCO and follow their specific procedures and requirements as they may have unique processes for transformer approvals.

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