How Lesco Calulate Average Bill If Meter Is Not Workign

In our modern world, reliable access to electricity is crucial for daily life. However, the accuracy of electricity bills often comes into question when electric meters malfunction. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), as a prominent electricity distribution entity, plays a vital role in ensuring fair billing. This article explores how LESCO tackles the challenge of calculating average bills when meters are not working and the steps taken to maintain transparency in the process.

Understanding LESCO

LESCO is a major player in the distribution of electricity in Lahore, serving millions of residents. Its responsibility extends to meter reading and billing, which is a critical aspect of ensuring customers are billed accurately for their power consumption.

Factors Affecting Meter Functionality

Electric meters can face various issues, from technical malfunctions to environmental influences and wear and tear. Understanding these factors is essential in comprehending how LESCO deals with non-functioning meters.

Lesco’s Approach to Non-functioning Meters

Detecting faulty meters is a priority for LESCO. Customers are encouraged to report issues, and the company takes responsibility for addressing these cases promptly. This section delves into the steps LESCO takes when dealing with non-functioning meters.

Average Bill Calculation Process

When meters are not working, LESCO resorts to a calculated approach to estimate bills. This involves analyzing historical usage patterns, comparing with similar households, and making necessary adjustments to ensure fairness in billing.

Customer Communication and Transparency

Clear communication with customers is vital in cases of estimated bills. LESCO notifies customers about faulty meters, provides transparent information about the estimation process, and offers various customer support channels to address concerns.

Challenges Faced by Customers

Customers often express concerns about the accuracy of estimated bills. This section explores common complaints and feedback, shedding light on areas where improvements in the billing process are needed.

Lesco’s Initiatives for Improvement

LESCO is actively engaged in initiatives to enhance its metering and billing systems. Technological advancements, staff training programs, and infrastructure upgrades are key components of these initiatives.

The Impact on the Billing System

Accurate billing not only benefits customers but also builds trust in the system. This section highlights how LESCO’s efforts contribute to fair billing, addressing misconceptions, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Future Developments in Meter Technology

Looking ahead, the implementation of smart meters is on the horizon. This section explores the benefits for customers, such as real-time monitoring and enhanced accuracy, as LESCO aims to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


In conclusion, LESCO’s approach to calculating average bills when meters are not working reflects its commitment to fairness and transparency. Accurate billing is not only essential for customers but also for building trust in the broader community. As we anticipate future developments in meter technology, the focus remains on providing reliable and efficient electricity services.


  1. How does Lesco detect faulty meters?

    Lesco employs advanced monitoring systems to detect irregularities in meter readings. Additionally, customers are encouraged to report any anomalies for prompt action.

  2. Can customers dispute estimated bills?

    Yes, customers have the right to dispute estimated bills. LESCO has a customer support system in place to address concerns and rectify any billing errors.

  3. What measures are in place for billing transparency?

    LESCO ensures transparency through notifications about faulty meters, detailed explanations of the estimation process, and accessible customer support channels.

  4. Are there any penalties for Lesco in case of billing errors?

    LESCO takes billing accuracy seriously. While penalties may not be directly imposed, the company invests in continuous improvement to minimize errors and enhance customer satisfaction.

  5. How can customers contribute to improving the billing system?

    Customers can contribute by promptly reporting any issues with their meters, providing accurate information about their power consumption, and actively engaging with LESCO’s customer support for effective communication.

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